• Wings of Light
    Wings of Light

    ? 14th of June 2019

    The White Heron. She appeared in divine timing, showing me her majestic white wings and blessed me with a Deep Heavenly Presence.

    This all happened in the blink of an eye, yet felt like time stood still. This…

  • Let this Light exist
    Let this Light exist

    ? January 28th 2019

    The Divine Kingdom is always present,
    It lives and pulsates from the Heart.
    Let this Light shine.
    For it brings Immeasurable Power into your life.
    Let this Light exist.For it will transform all that you…

  • Energy Clearing
    Energy Clearing

    ? November 22nd 2018

    This has always been the plan.
    Or rather; this has always been the Most Profound Prayer of the Soul.
    To fully transform old karma from the past that have become so deeply rooted into the thoughts, patterns &…

  • The Violet Flame
    The Violet Flame

    ? 4th of November 2018

    The Violet Flame has appeared on my path before, and is working its way through my life, my Being, again.
    It shows itself through Sacred Signs…
    Signs that touch the Depth of my Soul.
    Signs that touch the…

  • October Exposition
    October Exposition

    In this October Exposition at crystal store De Verrijking you are able to visit and take in the beautiful energies of the paintings combined with the surrounding beauty of crystals!

    Date: 4 oct - 3 nov 2018
    More info:…

  • Open to the New
    Open to the New

    ?​ 7th of September 2018

    Being Open to the New
    Is letting go of what has been
    From the inside out, the Divine will flow
    And a New aspect of your Self begins
    You were and have always been Connected
    To that which is Greater than…

  • September Exposition
    September Exposition

    ‘For many years I worked as an artist, but even while I was producing my best painting, I myself was a living work of art unfolding by the hands of God’ - Mooji

    Celebrating and grateful for this September Exposition at Op…

  • The Simplicity of True Spirituality (Mooji)
    The Simplicity of True Spirituality (Mooji)

    ? 26th of August 2018

    For many this is the beginning, but it has no end. On August 4, I was present at Satsang by Mooji, a famous Zen master. As these words flowed out of him, the Depth of it was very tangible. Awakening feels…

  • The Art of Life
    The Art of Life

    ? 18th of july 2018

    You never know.
    That is the Art of Life. To Open yourself and feel the Infinite Possibilities of Life. Because you never know. And you really do not have to know. When you touch the vibration of this…

  • Portrait for my Mother
    Portrait for my Mother

    ? 13th of May 2018

    This painting is a portrait of my mother, made in 2017 and given to her on her birthday. This painting unfolded after I received a series of dreams about her, in which the Divine Qualities in her (that dwell in…

  • Living Light
    Living Light

    ? 1st of April 2018

    When the Heart becomes a vessel
    Then the Silence will pour into you
    When the Silence fills you
    Then you will become One
    With the Silent Language of Life
    Then you will receive Eyes to See;
    The Light that you…

  • The Great Mother
    The Great Mother

    ? 13th of February 2018

    The Great Mother calls in utter Silence
    'Inside is where you will see my strength unfold’
    Without knowing it, I am surrounded by Her presence
    'She is always present' I am told
    Without knowing it, I bring…

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