Original Paintings

These original paintings are looking for a beautiful Home!
Do you feel their call?

You are free to purchase right away or, if you have questions
feel free to contact me via hello@tamarapatrick.com or at the Contact page!

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  • I AM
    I AM

    Waves of High Vibrations
    Pulsating through my Spiritual DNA
    Encoding a New Way of Being
    Imprinting Visions of a New Day
    For a New Day has dawn
    And it is Brighter than ever before
    A New Consciousness is rising
    From the endless…

    € 333,00
  • Announcement of New Life (Archangel Gabriel)
    Announcement of New Life (Archangel Gabriel)

    The veil is getting thinner and thinner
    It will disappear in the end
    For more and more dimensions are Visible
    This growing consciousness expands
    To experience Life in all Clarity
    To let Deep Remembrance sink in
    Creates fresh new…

    € 650,00
  • Love from Mandalika
    Love from Mandalika

    Into the Waters of Life I flow
    Life is moving me into a place
    Where time is endless, non-existing
    Where God has no face
    Into a Nothingness that is Filled with All
    Enlightened, kissed by the Light
    Awakened, into a Life of…

    € 333,00
  • Temple of Light
    Temple of Light

    For this life Now is part of a Greater Whole
    Driven by Divine Flow, Life unfolds into
    The Great Potential of my SoulThe Soul carries memories from worlds of other times, stored in every cell of the (etheric and physical) body.…

    € 333,00
  • Cristo Redentor
    Cristo Redentor

    How can I remain small
    When Life reveals a Greatness that is Endless?
    How can I remain silent
    When Life is making my Heart sing?
    How can I be empty
    When Life flows through me and brings me into the Great Current?
    That what gives…

    € 333,00
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