Painting the Divine and letting the Divine paint.
Each painting holds an unique energy.
Tune in, follow your Guidance and See what the paintings are giving you.

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  • Pillar of Light (Archangel Michael)
    Pillar of Light (Archangel Michael)

    Archangel Michael is a True Reminder of what it means to fully step into your Power, to be a Pillar of Light and Lead from the Heart.

    His sword represents Clarity, it does not lie. It easily discerns what is True, and cuts away…

  • The Light of Consciousness
    The Light of Consciousness

    The Light of Consciousness
    Exposes the Sacred Space
    Where Seeing arises from
    To awaken in a Divine Embrace
    The Light of Consciousness
    Its Presence expanding effortlessly
    Birthing a ‘new age’ into being
    Where the Light can…

  • The Lioness is Awakened
    The Lioness is Awakened

    The Lioness is Awakened
    She’s rising in the Light
    Birthing a new age into Being
    Releasing next levels of Power & Might
    She knows the True Essence
    Of who she is and has always been
    Bringing something ‘New’ with her…

  • Your True Self
    Your True Self

    To know your Self to the core
    Is to understand Life in all aspects
    To experience your Self as That what is Unchanging
    Will forever change your life
    This is the MiracleA painting of Ascension and Mastery of Self...

    "Your True…

  • Announcement of New Life (Archangel Gabriel)
    Announcement of New Life (Archangel Gabriel)

    The veil is getting thinner and thinner
    It will disappear in the end
    For more and more dimensions are Visible
    This growing consciousness expands
    To experience Life in all Clarity
    To let Deep Remembrance sink in
    Creates fresh new…

  • City of Light
    City of Light

    Streams of Living Water
    Flowing through my Existence
    I’m allowing it to flow freely
    There is no more resistance
    A City of Light appears
    It is beautiful and so clearly in sight
    This Sacred Place transforms all
    And lifts me into…

  • Reminder of Home
    Reminder of Home

    She’s a Deep Reminder
    Of what is called ‘Home’
    She’s activating soul retrieval and reunites me
    With the Greater WholeThis painting is deeply inspired by the Pleiades and Source itself, if this color or painting speaks to…

  • Temple of Light
    Temple of Light

    For this life Now is part of a Greater Whole
    Driven by Divine Flow, Life unfolds into
    The Great Potential of my SoulThe Soul carries memories from worlds of other times, stored in every cell of the (etheric and physical) body.…

  • Stream of Abundance (Hathor)
    Stream of Abundance (Hathor)

    There is an Unending Stream of Abundance available to us in each moment. This Divine Stream is our True Nature. This painting is deeply inspired by Goddess Hathor and the remembrance of Her anchored in my Soul, She symbolizes and…

  • Emerald Green Ray (Hilarion)
    Emerald Green Ray (Hilarion)

    Realizing that you are One with Life will reveal that although this Path is to be walked alone, you are forever embraced and never Truly alone for Life always supports you

    This painting is deeply inspired by the Emerald Green Ray…

  • The Simplicity of True Spirituality
    The Simplicity of True Spirituality

    Awakened from a seemingly sleep
    Life has come to Be
    A perfect brushstroke
    In this Masterpiece of Divinity⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀This painting is called ‘The Simplicity of True Spirituality’ featuring Mooji and…

  • Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)
    Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)

    Divinely Guided
    Pulled by the Divine Plan
    Life and I have collided
    To make the Unseen seen

    If there is a Life’s Mission
    Let this ‘mission’ be:
    Let every step on this path
    Deeply ground Heaven in me…This painting is deeply…

  • I'm another you
    I'm another you

    Beyond ourselves
    is a Great Divine Stream
    It is our Deep & True Self
    Let this sink in and let it expand your view
    That who we are is One
    Yes, I am another You...This custom painting was created for a beautiful team. Interested in…

  • Divine Mastery (Melchizedek)
    Divine Mastery (Melchizedek)

    A portrait of Melchizedek, radiating Divine Mastery of oneself...

    This custom painting was created for a beautiful soul. Interested in Custom Artwork? Check out more info about Custom Intuitive Paintings or connect with me at…

  • Sacred Heart
    Sacred Heart

    'Sacred Heart' is a commissioned painting for a beautiful soul...

    Want to know more about commissioned artwork? Feel free to email me at for all of your questions!

    "Sacred Heart" (70x90cm)
    © 2018 Tamara…

  • Light of the Soul (Yeshua)
    Light of the Soul (Yeshua)

    "Light of the Soul (Yeshua)" 40x50cm on canvasboard
    © 2018 Tamara Patrick

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