By being who you Are, You’re sowing the seed within yourself and others,
And when that joyful moment arrives, The seed will unfold into a beautiful flower
that is not of this world…


Painting the Divine and letting the Divine paint through me, finding its way on canvas. My work is deeply inspired by the Divine (from Ascended Masters to Goddess, Higher Self, etc) and can be considered as a bridge between Heaven & Earth (Spiritual & Material), grounding Heaven into the world through painting.

After a rejection in the commercial world of Illustration end of 2013 I made a decision in myself to paint intuitively, just for myself, not even the intention of selling or displaying them. I started to receive images/visions of what I needed to paint. My first intuitive painting was of the Dalai Lama, during this painting I strongly felt I was painting it for someone else, and as soon as it was finished my feeling was confirmed: it found an owner. During this time I also received a very vivid dream where I was chosen (along with a group of other artists) and told to ‘enter the stage and perform’. It frightened me because I did not want to be in the spotlight. It meant to accept the intuitive side of me, it was the start of this magical artjourney (and the unfolding of the Soul's purpose in this life).

I’m Grateful for the energy through these paintings and at the same time my paintings are an expression of my Gratefulness! They Truly connect to a space Within…


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