By being who you Are, You’re sowing the seed within yourself and others,
And when that joyful moment arrives, The seed will unfold into a beautiful flower
that is not of this world…


My name is Tamara Patrick, born in the Netherlands in 1985, with my roots from the islands of Indonesia. My work is deeply inspired by the Divine and can be considered as a bridge between Heaven & Earth (Spiritual & Material), grounding Heaven into the world through painting.

After pursuing a career in the commercial world of Illustration, I came to a point (end of 2013) where I wanted to explore the Freedom of painting intuitively. Free from the restrictions of the commercial world I dived into this artjourney. I started to receive images/visions of what I needed to paint and I've been following the Call of the Soul ever since. That I heard (and responded to) this Call of the Soul happened through all sorts of special synchronicities, which are now too much to describe, but have played an important role into this magical artjourney.

Each painting touches the essence of who we are and is therefore alive... They are Truly an invitation to journey within. Be touched and inspired, feel free to take a look at the Paintings on this website!


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