From the 4th of Sept - 30th of Sept 2018 these paintings are displayed
and available for purchase in the chapel of Op Hodenpijl, a beautiful Powerspot in Schipluiden!
 You are Welcome to visit!

  • September Exposition
    September Exposition

    ‘For many years I worked as an artist, but even while I was producing my best painting, I myself was a living work of art unfolding by the hands of God’ - Mooji

    Celebrating and grateful for this September Exposition at Op…

  • Water is my Goddess
    Water is my Goddess

    Nature is my Teacher
    Wind my God
    Water is my Goddess
    Pointing me the Way
    The Way to simply
    Be"Water is my Goddess"
    © 2016 Tamara PatrickPlease be aware that the costs for international shipment (for paintings) are not visible at…

    € 333,00
  • Love from Mandalika
    Love from Mandalika

    Into the Waters of Life I flow
    Life is moving me into a place
    Where time is endless, non-existing
    Where God has no face
    Into a Nothingness that is Filled with All
    Enlightened, kissed by the Light
    Awakened, into a Life of…

    € 333,00
  • Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)
    Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)

    Divinely Guided
    Pulled by the Divine Plan
    Life and I have collided
    To make the Unseen seen

    If there is a Life’s Mission
    Let this ‘mission’ be:
    Let every step on this path
    Deeply ground Heaven in me…This painting is deeply…

    € 770,00
  • Mary Magdalene
    Mary Magdalene

    She is Powerful in Her Softness and Gentle in Her Strength.

    Mary of Magdalene, House of God
    She holds a place in my Heart
    She is the Mirror
    Remembering me of who I Am
    Honor your Connection to the Divine
    She says, Know that this…

    € 500,00
  • Stream of Abundance (Hathor)
    Stream of Abundance (Hathor)

    There is an Unending Stream of Abundance available to us in each moment. This Divine Stream is our True Nature. This painting is deeply inspired by Goddess Hathor and the remembrance of Her anchored in my Soul, She symbolizes and…

  • Initiation (Knot of Isis)
    Initiation (Knot of Isis)

    Emerged in this Holy Knot
    Entangled with the Divine Feminine
    So I may See Her
    This Holy Knot is holding me
    She is the sacred space that holds me
    While my Soul is being made as New
    Undergoing and receiving the InitiationThis…

    € 555,00
  • 'Devotion (Yogananda)'
    'Devotion (Yogananda)'

    "God's presence is so close; it is just as though somebody is playing hide-and-seek with you in a dark room. Though you do not see the person, you feel that he is there. That is how God is, just behind the darkness of your…

    € 1.100,00
  • The Simplicity of True Spirituality
    The Simplicity of True Spirituality

    Awakened from a seemingly sleep
    Life has come to Be
    A perfect brushstroke
    In this Masterpiece of Divinity⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀This painting is called ‘The Simplicity of True Spirituality’ featuring Mooji and…

  • Emerald Green Ray (Hilarion)
    Emerald Green Ray (Hilarion)

    Realizing that you are One with Life will reveal that although this Path is to be walked alone, you are forever embraced and never Truly alone for Life always supports you

    This painting is deeply inspired by the Emerald Green Ray…

    € 555,00
  • Temple of Light
    Temple of Light

    For this life Now is part of a Greater Whole
    Driven by Divine Flow, Life unfolds into
    The Great Potential of my SoulThe Soul carries memories from worlds of other times, stored in every cell of the (etheric and physical) body.…

    € 333,00
  • Cristo Redentor (Light of the World)
    Cristo Redentor (Light of the World)

    How can I remain small
    When Life reveals a Greatness that is Endless?
    How can I remain silent
    When Life is making my Heart sing?
    How can I be empty
    When Life flows through me and brings me into the Great Current?
    That what gives…

    € 333,00
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