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  • House of Light
    House of Light

    I am the Lighthouse
    With the Light of a thousand suns
    I am the Cup
    Overflowing with Love
    I am alive in you
    In every cell of your being
    I am the Heart
    Surrender to me...Mary of Magdala (House of Light) with the Holy Grail.

    € 787,00
  • Becoming Fluid
    Becoming Fluid

    To Surrender is to come Home. Surrender is Beauty in itself. It is like taking a dive into the Unknown, which feels so familiar at the same time. All that you thought you were disappears in the Waters of the Unknown. Coming Home…

    € 88,00
  • Mother Mary (Waters of Life)
    Mother Mary (Waters of Life)

    Flowing in the Waters of Life
    Encouraging to Let Go
    Letting go of all the veils
    That once covered me
    Yes, I'm going with the Flow
    called: Life!Mother Mary with the power of the Full Moon and the element Water.
    She appeared on a…

    € 77,00
  • Initiation (Knot of Isis)
    Initiation (Knot of Isis)

    Emerged in this Holy Knot
    Entangled with the Divine Feminine
    So I may See Her
    This Holy Knot is holding me
    She is the sacred space that holds me
    While my Soul is being made as New
    Undergoing and receiving the InitiationThis…

    € 555,00
  • 'Goddess' Painting (A4)
    'Goddess' Painting (A4)

    The Goddess in me
    She announced her presence
    In the midst of the Dark Night
    She was holding a mirror
    Reminding me of my Inner LightIn every person lives a Goddess.
    She represents the Feminine Aspect that lives in all of us…

    € 60,00
  • 'Temple of your Being' Painting (A4)
    'Temple of your Being' Painting (A4)

    The Temple of your Being
    It is your natural state of Being
    Filled with Life itself
    Just like the clear blue sky
    Sometimes covered by clouds
    But always present...These Custom Paintings are here to connect you to the Temple of your…

    € 60,00
  • Queen of the South
    Queen of the South

    The Magic of Green
    Clothed in her Light & Clarity
    Shining Light on the waves of my inner ocean
    Bringing my inner world to Silence
    Giving me Eyes to See
    The Fullness of who I am created to BeRatu Kidul has many names (like 'Queen…

    € 636,00
  • 'Knot of Isis' Card
    'Knot of Isis' Card

    This is a postcard / greetingcard (135x135mm) of my 'Knot of Isis' painting.

    The original painting is created on 50x50cm canvas and called 'Knot of Isis'. The Knot represents Protection in the deepest sense. The Knot ensures that…

    € 2,00
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